Phyllis Davis’ Demo for e-learning

Phyllis Davis 
American Woman Voice Talent

Four e-learning scripts on this continuous demo to demonstrate range.

1:32 seconds. All four scripts.

Phyllis Davis – Voice Over Artist

Phyllis Davis
American Woman Voice Over Talent

Phyllis Davis was trained as an actress in Los Angeles in 1969 and worked in film and television for 20 years. She appeared in more than 120 national television commercials and two feature films before she was 21.

Phyllis is a professional American woman voice-over talent and actress with more than four decades of experience delivering voice-related performances worldwide as an in-demand keynote speaker for conferences and as a corporate trainer in her field of expertise, Ethics and Etiquette in American Business.

Her voice is a seasoned American woman’s voice who is 40 to 60 years old. Her distinct voice has power, and she speaks with clarity and sincerity. She enunciates and pronounces each word so the listener stays engaged.

Phyllis has been working with a respected voice coach who has helped her prepare her e-learning demo. Susan Barkley,, has trained her in the business practices of the voice-over industry.

She is happily married to Colle, and they live in a large converted 80-year-old church with winding hallways and secret nooks they are still discovering. They share their lives with three Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

She is a visual artist, a graphic artist and jewelry designer. She teaches the six-week The Artist’s Way workshop, which she has taught since 1989 to more than 40,000 adult artists.

Phyllis has a home recording studio.